Show # 14 – How to Present Management Information

This is the second TechCast covering business information and business intelligence. The main segment is on presentation of information for management use. Business information systems including ERP decision support systems and management information systems are included. Types of information are discussed, and presentation of this information is considered. Next TechCast, we will discuss some of the tools available to create one of these information systems. Things You Forget discusses reliable backups and off-site backups. Derek Clegg singing It’s Funny Sometimes from Check Derek out at Download our Guide to Selecting Business Software to help in your ERP Software selection guide at

Show #13: What information do you need to run your business?

In this show, we’ll discuss a security news item, discuss the new version of Sage ACCPAC ERP: version 5.5, hear the newly revised segment “things you forget,” and begin a series on management information in computing. We’ll also hear the song “Where the Roads Cross” by Anne Davis from
A recent article on security in InformationWeek proposed focusing your security efforts on risks, not threats. This show provides a quick review of the article. In Things You Forget, you’ll learn about making sure that all of your data is backed up. This month’s Tech Management Today section discusses how to decide what information is needed to manage your business. It helps you evaluate the reporting you have today and what else you might need to know.

Show # 12 – Business Process Design

Business Processes are increasingly being recognized as the way to think about implementation of ERP systems, and computer systems in general. Many business issues arise from bad business processes.
This ceoTechCast Show discusses a simple way to think about business processes. We discussed business process design at the last Manager’s IT Roundtable. You can see the Roundtable information here. Look at the bottom of the page where you can download the notes from the Roundtable and a MindManager mindmap.
You can also find a demo of MindManager (a brainstorming tool) on the MindJet downloads page.
The music for this show is from by Jake Coco and is titled Daddy’s Eyes.

Show #11 – 5 Plus 1 Reasons NOT TO DO an RFP for ERP Software

This show covers five plus one reasons that you should not use an RFP to select ERP software. Please remember that this podcast is CEO TechCast, not IT Manager or CIO TechCast. If you’re in IT, we know that you’re pretty committed (via training and experience) to RFPs. And RFPs are super tools for selecting IT gear like servers and databases. Why aren’t RFPs good for ERP or accounting software? Take a listen to the podcast.
The audio quality of the last show wasn’t up to par. I changed microphones and wasn’t happy with the result. This show is done with the same USB microphone, but with different settings on the recording level. Hopefully, it’ll be better.
The music for this show is from Amanda Jayne, titled Nine Whole Lives. Hope you enjoy it.
Also, you might want to order a copy of our Guide To Selecting Business Software. It’s free and direct to your email box. Enjoy!

Show #10 – Doing RFPs for Software

The current episode of CEO TechCast, DGG’s podcast includes a new format. This episode includes Twelve suggestions for a software RFP. If you’re considering a new software selection, you may be thinking about doing an RFP. Most companies that rely on RFPs are larger organizations.
Here (in no particular order) are three of the twelve suggestions:

  • Base it on a needs analysis. For more information about what goes into a needs analysis, listen to shows three and four.
  • Include all the detail you gather during the needs analysis process even if it seems extraneous.
  • Have a review by someone who knows the type of software you are writing the RFP for. This person should be able to identify places in the RFP where you need more detail.

Music in this episode is by the Brian Seltzer Orchestra. The song is One More Night With You.
Download the Guide to Selecting Business Software at

Show #9 – Barcode and RFID in ERP and Accounting Systems

In this show, we will talk about using barcode and RFID in ERP and accounting systems. I’ll share an odd piece of feedback from the feedback line at +1 (901) 405-0536. We’ll talk about 3-d printers from Z Corp, as well as the 3-D printer you can build at home. If you have a small office and are just interested in sharing files, there’s a great new alternative to having a server called a NAS or network attached storage. Check out the PC Magazine review. We’ll talk about these in Tech News. There’s new news running around that Microsoft Update is patching files on computer systems without authorization we’ll talk about in the Tech Geek Report.
Kellylee Evans sings “How Can You Get Along Without Me?” You can find more by Kellylee at

Show #8: Old Technology Can Hold You Back: Things You Can Do With Technology To Make Business Work Better

00:03 Introduction
03:01 News
10:40 Skybridge singing “Cedar” from the Podcast Music Network at
11:21 Tech Geek Report
15:57 ERP News Intro – 1b
20:47 Main Segment
31:56 Smart Bomb Radio – Mac vs Pc 2 – from
32:30 Things You Forget
38:51 How to get your Guide To Selecting Business Software
42:26 End
42:50 skybridge-cedar
Asterisk, the open source VOIP system. Information at:
LinusTorvalds comments on GPLv3. Read the article at
Skybridge singing Cedar.
I killed Debian. Long live Ubuntu. Can’t bring Debian back. Unplugged from the Internet and now Debian is back.
How old technology can keep you locked in the past. New capabilities of software that can result in cost savings, decreased inventory, increased customer service, and better efficiency.
Management reporting by email.
Order a free copy of the Guide to Selecting Busines Software described in the podcast at: Http:// It will be mailed to you immediately.

Show #7: Technology and Business: Technology and Computers Are Not Always the Best Answer

In this show..GPLv3 affects Novell/Microsoft Deal…when can you safely delete email?…an update on the effect of Microsoft discontinuing Visual Foxpro after V9 on Accountmate…music from the group bill at…More on GPLv3…an open source utility for viral marketing tracking…Quickbooks server goes Linux…comments on open source ERP…Using technology to solve business problems…getting inventory right, both cost and quantity…and general thoughts on open source.
Podsafe Music Network
Forward Track Viral Email Tracking Open Source Software

Show #6: How can ERP Software Benefit Your Distribution Business?

In this show, we talk about the updated CEO Techcast site, Steve Jobs’ victory over DRM. Amy Ayres sings My Place from the Podsafe Music Network at A Windows and DOS guy experiments with Debian 4.0. The Seven Benefits of ERP Software. This is the introduction piece for a new series. And in Things You Forget, training and retraining. And finally an opinion piece titled, “Has Digg dug its own grave?”

Show #5: Finishing Needs Analysis, and the Guide To Selecting Business Software

In this show:
AICPA’s Top Ten Technologies, DGG’s Top Technologies, Things You Forget on Password Policies, Finishing Up Needs Analysis, The Guide To Selecting Business Software, and Katy Pfaffl (rhymes with Waffle) singing “Breathe”
AICPA 2007 Top 10 Technology Initiatives