Show # 18 What Technology Investments Should You Make?

In this show, we’ll talk about what technology investments usually make sense at each stage of business growth. If you haven’t listened to ceoTechCast 17, you might want to review it before listening to this cast. It presents the details of the business growth model that forms the basis of this cast.
This cast will discuss some of the typical technology goals at each stage in business growth. It will also begin to discuss the business strategy associated with each stage.
I was reading an issue of What’s Working in Credit and Collection Management when I noticed an article about depositing checks from your mobile phone. We’ll talk more about that.
We’ll be playing One Way Ticket by David Williams from
Visit our website at for more information, or check out Data Guidance Group’s website at – USAA product to deposit checks from an iPhone. – NCR’s version of the phone deposit technology. – Mitek Systems seems to be the company with the main technology at the center of the phone deposit news. – new Contact Manager for $9/user/mo. – various ACT! contact manager versions

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