Show #11 – 5 Plus 1 Reasons NOT TO DO an RFP for ERP Software

This show covers five plus one reasons that you should not use an RFP to select ERP software. Please remember that this podcast is CEO TechCast, not IT Manager or CIO TechCast. If you’re in IT, we know that you’re pretty committed (via training and experience) to RFPs. And RFPs are super tools for selecting IT gear like servers and databases. Why aren’t RFPs good for ERP or accounting software? Take a listen to the podcast.
The audio quality of the last show wasn’t up to par. I changed microphones and wasn’t happy with the result. This show is done with the same USB microphone, but with different settings on the recording level. Hopefully, it’ll be better.
The music for this show is from Amanda Jayne, titled Nine Whole Lives. Hope you enjoy it.
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