Show #10 – Doing RFPs for Software

The current episode of CEO TechCast, DGG’s podcast includes a new format. This episode includes Twelve suggestions for a software RFP. If you’re considering a new software selection, you may be thinking about doing an RFP. Most companies that rely on RFPs are larger organizations.
Here (in no particular order) are three of the twelve suggestions:

  • Base it on a needs analysis. For more information about what goes into a needs analysis, listen to shows three and four.
  • Include all the detail you gather during the needs analysis process even if it seems extraneous.
  • Have a review by someone who knows the type of software you are writing the RFP for. This person should be able to identify places in the RFP where you need more detail.

Music in this episode is by the Brian Seltzer Orchestra. The song is One More Night With You.
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