Show #8: Old Technology Can Hold You Back: Things You Can Do With Technology To Make Business Work Better

00:03 Introduction
03:01 News
10:40 Skybridge singing “Cedar” from the Podcast Music Network at
11:21 Tech Geek Report
15:57 ERP News Intro – 1b
20:47 Main Segment
31:56 Smart Bomb Radio – Mac vs Pc 2 – from
32:30 Things You Forget
38:51 How to get your Guide To Selecting Business Software
42:26 End
42:50 skybridge-cedar
Asterisk, the open source VOIP system. Information at:
LinusTorvalds comments on GPLv3. Read the article at
Skybridge singing Cedar.
I killed Debian. Long live Ubuntu. Can’t bring Debian back. Unplugged from the Internet and now Debian is back.
How old technology can keep you locked in the past. New capabilities of software that can result in cost savings, decreased inventory, increased customer service, and better efficiency.
Management reporting by email.
Order a free copy of the Guide to Selecting Busines Software described in the podcast at: Http:// It will be mailed to you immediately.