Show #4: Needs Analysis Part II

Show Notes:
Introduction, contents, etc.
02:14 Tech News
Joost and TWiT 89. The TWiTs discuss software that isn’t quite ready for prime time, and may never be. 90% of everything is c**p.
08:23 Jim Terr: Do They Have Email in Heaven? Introduction.08:46 Tech Geek Report
FoxPro is no more.
11:59 ERP News Intro
Microsoft’s Project Green has been put in the deepfreeze.
31:07 Things You Forget
Business processes and software features.
33:12 Our Opinion
Resistance to change is a big cause of software project failure.
37:28 End
37:50 Jim Terr – Do They Have E-Mail In Heaven?
40:29 Arno Lubbinge – Powered by CastBlaster

This Week in Tech, Episode 89
Microsoft Drops FoxPro
Project Green Turns Brown
Guide To Selecting Business Software Request Page

Show #3: Needs Analysis: How and Why?

Steve Jobs and DRM, Viacom Sues Google and YouTube, Crimeware, Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 beta out, How to do a Needs Analysis — Part I, Workstations have data too, and the question of the week, “Do software vendors stretch the truth?” Music from Ocean Street, Memphis Blues.
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Show #2: Is Your Technology Yellow, Red, or Green?

Introduction to technology strategy – red, yellow, green technologies. MySpace, digg, and twitter. Keeping your kids safe on the 2.0 ‘net. Vista. Defrag, viruses and spyware. Plus Mean Gene Kelton and Going Back To Memphis from the Podsafe Music Network at

Show #1: Introduction to CEO TechCast

Show notes:
Introduction to and plan for CEO TechCast. iPhone introduction: useful for business? ERP Software: roles based interfaces. What is Microsoft up to? How is a backup like a fire extinguisher? Big George Jackson Blues Band: Biscuits -n- Molasses from the Podsafe Music Network at And more…
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